Adipurush Movie Review – whether the public liked or not the whole thing


The whole of India will be eagerly waiting for the movie Adipurush .The people of India are waiting for this movie because of the faith of Hindu religion and the life and times of our Shri Dasaratha’s son Ram and the coming difficulties and life of mother Sita’s exile. An attempt will be made to tell about the victory of religion over unrighteousness by living simply. The essence of this movie has been taken from Ramayana. So what makes this movie so special, will it be able to retain our faith, will the critics like this movie, let’s talk about it.

2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie: Click Here

Adipurush Movie Review

2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie: Click Here

Adipurush Movie Review

.Adipurush Movie Teaser Review

Adipurush Movie is a high budget movie which is being directed by Om Rawat. As soon as its trailer was released, people started talking a lot about this movie, a lot of negativity spread about its graphics, due to which the movie release date was postponed and the shortcomings of this movie were completed. Now its teaser was released again, in which the public The review has come of mixed type, some people are telling its graphic is good while some people are still unhappy. But to be fair, this movie has guts as compared to the first teaser.

. Adipurush Movie Cast & Director

Talking about the cast of Adipurush movie, the list is very long. In the male lead actor, our favorite Baahubali star Prabhas who will be seen in the role of Lord Shri Ram. From the lead actress side, Bollywood’s princess Kriti Sanon will be seen in the role of Mata Sita. Actor Sunny Singh to play the character of Lakshan, Devdutt Nege to play the role of Lord Hanuman and actor Saif Ali Khan to play the role of Ravana. And many other supporting cast which are listed below. Let us know about the fees charged by these lead actresses in Adipurush movie below.

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    Retrophiles Productions
  • Genre : Drama mythological
  • Producer : Bhushan Kuma
  • Krishan Kumar Om Raut Prasad Sutar Rajesh Nair
  • Star Cast: Prabhas … Adipurush
                    Saif Ali Khan … Lankesh
                    Kriti Sanon … Janaki
                    Devdatta Gajanan Nage … Lord Hanuman
                    Sunny Singh Nijjar … Laxman
                     Vatsal Sheth…

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.Adipurush Movie Budget & Actors Fees

Adipurush Movie which is based on true story on Ramayana. Om Raut has directed this movie, Om Raut sir has also written it. The budget of this movie is said to be around 500 crores, it is being said to be the highest budget movie from Bollywood. You will be surprised to know that how much fees the actors have charged in this movie. In this, Bahubali superstar Prabhas took about 150 crores for this movie, Saif Ali Khan took 12 crores, Kriti Sanon 3 crores, Sunny Singh 1.5 crores and Devdat Nage in the role of Hanuman took about 85 lakhs.

.Adipurush Movie Release Date

A lot of changes were made regarding the Adipurush movie release date. When its first teaser was released on T-Series, the date was January 12, but due to lack of positive reviews from the public, it took 5-6 months to remove the shortcomings and now when the second teaser came again Then the movie release date was made official on 16 June. Know what is good and what is not in this movie.

.Adipurush Movie Review

Ramayana’s Chaupai: Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari, Ram Siya Ram songs have captivated the hearts of all the viewers. Now what is going to happen in the story of Adipurush movie, you all have an idea of its story. This is the story of Lord Shri Ram, Ramayana, which every person associated with Hinduism has been listening to since childhood. There can be no tampering with the story in this, but it matters how it is shown, Om Raut sir has told from his Twitter account that this movie should be done with great devotion and people should not get hurt in any way. Is placed.

Talking about acting, Prabhas is perfect in the character of Ram and we have already seen his acting in Bahubali. Prabhas will be seen acting very well in Adipurush as well. We hope that it is not going to be Prabhas like Radhe Shyam movie. Prabhas is not dubbing this time, this is going to give relief to Hindi fans. People are liking Prabhas’ Hindi dubbing dialogues in the trailer. I am most eagerly waiting for the character of Ravana because Saif Ali Khan It was a lot of fun to watch acting in Tanaji movie, his character will be worth watching in Adipurush movie too. Mother Sita’s character is also going to be very important. Hanuman’s son Pawan’s role will be more effective. Now it has to be seen how well Devdat is going to live up to this role. There are going to be many questions but the answer will be known only on June 16. If we talk about its music, then it is very good. Yes, people are liking it. Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Raja Ram Song has made a lot of space among the people, but this will be enough to bring the audience to the cinema houses. Talking about VFX, the trailer of the movie is yet to come. Even after this, people did not like it that much, some people liked the teaser more than the previous one and some did not like it. Now on June 16, how true its execution is going to be in cinema houses, it will be known on the same day itself. Will this budget cover? Whether he will be able to do it or whether it will be a blockbuster will be known after the first show. If you are reading this blog after watching the movie, then comment below how did you like this movie. Now the answers to some questions are given below, which have been asked by people from Google.

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1.Is Adipurush a 3D movie?

Ans- See whether it is in 3D or not, it is difficult to say because it is releasing on imax as well, it is said that movie on imax is better than 3D.

2.Who plays Hanuman in Adipurush?

Ans- I have told the answer to this in the cast paragraph, but then I tell here also that his name is Devdutt Nege.

3.Is Adipurush a hit or a flop?

ans- The answer to this will be known only after the movie is released.

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