2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie-Boycott Or Not


You have not made the mistake of seeing Adipurush, but today’s article is more special. We have come to know that Adipurush is such a lousy movie, but it is more important to tell how wrong it is. In today’s video, I will tell you complete 1 2 3 or not 100-200 but complete 2020 mistakes which I found in Adi Purush. And I know even after that I am sure I must have missed some mistakes, you guys write them in the comments.

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2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie-Boycott Or Not

Mistakes No 1

You have heard about Hiran Kashyap, he had got a boon from Brahma ji that he could not die from any creature created by him. Neither in the light of day nor in the darkness of night, neither outside the palace nor inside the palace, neither man nor animal can create canker sores, neither on earth nor in the sky. Did it Really I will give proof. In the film, Lankesh gives him a boon higher than Brahma ji and after that Ravana’s pride increases thousand times, but poor Ravana is killed in his ending. But in the ending of the film, Ravana is killed. The answer of how Ravana was killed will not be found anywhere in the entire movie. That is because in laziness the director forgot to tell that the name of both monkey and human was not mentioned in the boon Ravana sought from Brahma ji, in which he made himself immortal from deity and asura. But made the mistake of considering humans and monkeys as weak. That’s why Vishnu ji himself incarnated as Ram in the battle of Ramayana and made Hanuman ji his companion so that not only death of Ravana but also his pride would be broken. Such a big thing, the people who made the 600 crore Dabba movie forgot to tell the public. Moreover, it was not even explained how important Vibhishan was in this Ramayana. Ravana had nectar which he kept hidden in his navel. That’s why whenever he is attacked, he becomes alive again by drinking nectar. That’s why Lord Ram attacks Ravana’s navel in the last, due to which his nectar ends and this secret is never revealed without telling Vibhishan.

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Mistakes No 2

The character of Indrajit who has been shown, who has been decorated with tattoos etc., has tried to show him a lot of model. God says to Ram, enough of your monkey dance, get out of here. It was said even after pointing, run away from here, this is the language while you know how the name Indrajit was coined. Because Meghnath who defeated and imprisoned even the king of the gods, Indra, conquered him. He was so powerful that he killed 670 million monkeys in 1 day using the Bramastra. By the time their species got extinct on the earth, such a great warrior was shown as a coward in the movie, who was left to abuse Lord Ram. Indrajit had the power to fight by hiding in the clouds, using which he surprised both Rama and Lakshmana. He made Indrajit the Flash in the movie.

2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie-Boycott Or Not

Adipurush Movie Review: Click Here

Mistakes No 3

Ravan’s Lanka is golden. We all have heard about her, but very few people know how she came to Ravana. In fact, the golden Lanka belonged to Kuber, who seemed to be Ravana’s half-brother in relation. Now the mother of God Kuber and Ravana was a demon. At the behest of their mother, Ravana and his Asura brothers gained power by doing penance of Brahma ji and snatched his golden Lanka from Kuber. Don’t know where the golden Lanka has gone in the movie, what was shown inside was a city of coal. What’s more, in the beginning of the movie, it is told that Ravana did not snatch Lanka from Kuber for his hobby, he won it to complete the revenge of his sister.

2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie-Boycott Or Not

Mistakes No 4

The film has taken a lot of impression from Ekta Kapoor’s serial, that’s why the makers have shown a woman with Vibhishan inside the film and that too will make you very ashamed. Even thinking this will not be less than a sin. How dare yaar, you have made a film on TretaYug and the work is worse than your Kalyug. Such a mistake cannot happen unknowingly, sorry!

Mistakes No 5

It seems to me that the Ramayana read by the people who made AdiPurush did not have the character of Laxman ji at all. The biggest mistake of the filmmakers was that when you chose Prabhash for Ram, then why was someone else cast in Laxman’s character, either you do not consider his character so important that who would notice anyone in the film. They will enter by pretending to be Laxman. Whereas who is Laxman, it is known that he himself stood against Lord Rama. When Sita Mata was asked to go through the fire test to fight the war, then Lakshman ji had clearly said that Sita is like a mother to him. If he is insulted, he will fight even with Lord Rama. For his respect, you are giving such Laxman three dialogues in the film. Where did that sister-in-law and brother-in-law relationship go, which is still an example for people. Supanakha’s nose was cut off for Lord Ram. He used to love his brother so much. How was this relationship shown to be so weak?

Mistakes No 6

I did not understand this form of Shri Ram. Looks like the filmmakers want to pay tribute to Jesus Christ. Shri Ram was the future king of Ayodhya, brother, his crown, his dress, his love for saffron color, this was the identity of Shriram.

Mistakes No 7

The war in Ramayana was fought so that good should win over evil, but in this movie, the difference between good and evil is not known, just a cheap copy of Hollywood movie Avengers Endgame has been shown to the people.

Mistakes No 8

You have seen the battle of Ram Ravana, in the movie, you are fighting in such a way that people start fighting on the road and not for property. Brother, on one side there is Lord Shri Ram himself, whose stories will remain in people’s mind as long as the world exists, and on the other side, there is King Ravana who himself was the greatest devotee of Shiva. The most scholar and the richest king who was proud. Van Ram is being beaten up in the movie. Everything is being hit by the kick, due to which they fly in the air and fall here and there on the ground. There cannot be any other description of the war of Vahiyat Ramayana.

2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie-Boycott Or Not

Mistakes No 9

Was it shown in the movie that the fight between Ram and Ravan is going on at night? If I had done a little research in total darkness, I would have come to know. No war was fought after sunset. Then even if victory was standing very near, but after the sun had set in the night, the weapon had to be sacrificed.

Mistakes No 10

Did you stick the bat with Ravana for free, that means you will do anything in the name of freedom of creativity. Pushpak Viman snatched away from Ravana when Kuber was defeated. Seeing such pride, even gods and demons were envious of Ravana. And think that Pushpak viman has replaced with a bat, that means he would have kept a little dignity, brother, Ravana is a little Tarzan.

Mistakes No 11

There is a scene in the film when Ravana is feeding meat to that strange creature with his own hands. Ravana himself was a Brahmin and that too the highest. Lord Shiva himself is considered the protector of animals, he loves every living being equally. How could you have thought that you are feeding the meat of an animal to Ravana, the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva, that means you are not ashamed at all.

2000 Mistakes In Adipurush Movie-Boycott Or Not

Mistakes No 12

When the scene of Sita Haran comes, the makers showed that when Ravana was carrying Sita, Lord Ram and Lakshman were watching everything from a distance. Has Lord Ram become so weak that someone kidnaps his wife in front of him and he doesn’t even try to save her. Such Ramayana was not taught anywhere. Don’t know which course the makers of this film did. The story of Ramayana has been changed brother.

Mistakes No 13

The character of Jatayu is very important in Ramayana. Ravana takes Sita on Pushpak Vimana. Oh brother, that was not a flower plane, it was a bat plane. For the first time, Jatayu was Girraj, not a vulture. This much the child knows, Jatayu did not die before talking to Ram, but he only showed the way to Shri Ram. It is also said that Lord Ram wanted to clarify to Jatayu again, but Jatayu then tried to visit Shri Ram many times from his province and by saying so much he died in Shri Ram’s lap.

Mistakes No 14

Ravana had come to the fair, but was not the servant of anyone’s father. He was the king whose army of lakhs of crores was standing ready. The purity of the mother is worshiped even today. The example of a virtuous woman like her will last for generations. Even the fire gods themselves bow before them. And see the dressing sense on this. You see everything openly means the censor board was asleep. Brother is God whom people worship, how can you do this to my brother. Deepika Padukone had a scene in Padmaavat, in which her stomach is visible. After people started arguing, that scene had to be covered with the help of VFX and here Sita Mata’s full clothes were shown in a strange way and people are sitting silent. How man how are you guys doing?

Mistakes No 15

A dialogue has been inserted in the movie Bharat ki Beti, meaning they are referring to India at that time. Brother, the name Bharat was found in the time of Bharat. You know, in the name of King Bharat who was not even born at the time of Ramayana. Due to this dialogue without head and feet, the film was banned in Nepal. I wish it had happened in India too, then you and I would not have been hanging our heads today.

Mistakes No 16

Showing angry look of Shri Ram. Prabhas uses only anger in every scene and to hide this anger a little, later vfx and everywhere the entire screen has been blackened. Prabhas’ anger will be less visible if it is a little dark. Lord Ram is Maryada Purushottam, he does not get angry. There is not a single scene of facial laughter in the movie, in which Prabhas must have laughed.

Mistakes No 17

Due to the sudden rise in stardom of film maker big Darshan Chhote Prabhas after Bahubali, these people made Prabhas as Shriram, but if he had auditioned once, today some other actor would have played Shriram in the movie. In the greed of money, you ignored the emotion and message of Ramayana. That’s why public ignored your film.

Mistakes No 18

The 10 heads of Ravan are his biggest strength. But such poor special effects behind them in the movie Ravana itself remained as a joke in the movie. It is said that Ravana used to create such fear with his ten heads that whether it was a demon or a deity, he used to tremble and used to think 10 times before confronting Ravana. But seeing this condition in the movie, Ravan looks like a fool. No clown comes in the circus, he has made it exactly like that to make the children laugh.

Mistakes No 19

This mistake which is the most ridiculous lesson. He has done the work of Hanuman ji’s dialogue Maha Ghatiya Maha Fatichar and annoying. The people of the film used cloth of your father, oil of your father, fire of your father, in the same way I will make you Lanka, etc. etc., all that was left was to abuse. The censor board must have removed the abuse, otherwise that too would have been heard. Our Hanuman is innocent by heart, he is a devotee of Ram, so he loves everyone. Never get angry on anyone, never blame anyone. I don’t know why such dialogues were written and why they are not being removed from the film now that the public is angry.

Mistakes No 1000

Next mistake which is equal to thousand mistakes. Even today the makers of the film are not ready to accept their mistake after seeing the response of the public. While sitting live on TV, he is giving knowledge to the people that how the public could not understand the film whereas he has made a perfect cinema. It is said that writing in Hawas is a mistake on top of the chest. The people who make this film should leave the film line and go into politics. There you will make a lot of progress.

Mistakes No 2000

Finally the biggest mistake which will again prove to be equal to thousand mistakes.
Director Om Raut Vision, who made this. Before any film comes on the screen, it is prepared in the mind of a person. How did Om Raut imagine Ramayana in this way, will have to answer? You didn’t do all this intentionally, now only the director knows.

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